‘Getting Started With Songwriting’ was delivered as an online workshop series OnFife, Fife Cultural Trust in April 2021.

The workshop consisited of three 1-hour taster sessions providing an inspiring introduction into the world of songwriting.

Excerpt from workshop description:

During the workshops you will be lead through short writing exercises and engaging composition tasks to get the creative juices flowing. The workshops will be delivered in a friendly and creative learning environment. All three sessions will focus on useful songwriting tools that you can take home to develop your own writing. Being able to play an instrument is an advantage but not a must. Bring along yourself, your voice and your curiosity. 


Composing with objects
Four Composition Tasks
Graphic Score
Ocean - tasks

Student quotes from Hugh Myddelton Primary School: 

”I learned that you can make really cool sounds with just like a whistle, plastic bag, random metal, bottle and a box of rice!”

”I enjoyed it most when we were recording the sounds that we were making and listening to other people’s creations.”

What I enjoyed in this workshop was that I could experience how different people think.

Composing with Everyday Objects is a workshop series on composition and storytelling with everyday objects.

With four composition tasks as a starting point, participants get to explore sound qualities of a range of objects, and collaboratively compose, record and refine short sound pieces. The tasks are bespokely designed within a thematic framework to suit each group of participants.

Everyday Objects has been delivered for Barbican Creative Learning.


Hannah assisted on this project delivering weekly art and music workshops at Mapledown School. The workshops aimed to create a safe space for young people with special educational needs to express themselves through art and music technology.

The workshops were designed and led by Mike Roberts and Inspire Community Music CIC for Artsdepot.


Hannah has been working as a music mentor on various musical events, as well as supporting weekly choir rehearsals with students in Ark Atwood Primary Academy and in John Keats Secondary Academy in London. 



Music, Memory and Me is a collaboration between UCLH, RFH and the Guildhall School that aims to build a better and more compassionate attitude towards elderly hospital patients through the sharing of songs and music.

Music, Memory and Me occurs every week at both UCLH and RFH.

Each session is different, with a mix of individual and bedside work, whole-bay music-making and longer sessions in communal day rooms. There is a strong focus on participation and ownership. Patients are invited to choose songs, sing and play hand percussion. Social isolation is broken down as patients talk to their neighbours, while family and staff are also invited to get involved. 

Hannah was involved in the ensemble as a Singer and Guitarist during her postgraduate studies at the Guildhall School.

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Hannah co-lead Compositon and Songwriting workshops with fellow Composer Jillian Meyer. The workshops took place at nia Huggett Women's Centre for women and girls facing disadvantages relating to inequality, race, class, sexuality, disability, domestic abuse and exploitation. The creative output of the workshops was shared during Barbican's Changing Dialogue Festival 2018. 

The workshops included creative writing, singing, improvisation, collaborative composition, songwriting and performance.