A shapeshifter: to be able to morph and slide into the crevasses of society (?). That would be fantastic. Not because I am nosey or gossip-prone, but because my life could then be endless discoveries.


NOT WHAT I IMAGINED is a sound installation by interdisciplinary artist, Anthony Madonna, and composer and audio producer, Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones. Composed of various field recordings, vocal improvisations, and journal entires, the piece situates the listener in the center of Madonna’s explorations of and mediations within the natural landscapes of the Hamptons.


Installed within Duck Creek Arts Center’s exhibition, Darklight: Darius Yektai, the piece invites an intimate audience for an immersive multi-sensory experience; introspectively questioning human connection, stillness, and natural surroundings through visual and aural mediums.

Shown September 5-27 2020 at Duck Creek Arts Center, East Hampton NY 

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All images by Gary Mamay Photo


Freedom of Movement was a collaboratively curated exhibition for Tate Exchange, shown at Tate Modern in 2019. 

Hannah’s piece in this event was a hat blowing station with video installation, hat folding and electric fans.

It explored the inner and outer qualities of sudden, unexpected movement. 

The durational event invited audiences to examine the nature of movement in space and time, ecountered through sound works, performances and experiments.

Photos: Tom Medwell


I Grew Up With Silence was part of Hannah’s practice based research at the Guildhall School.

The event took the shape of a staged audio and performance experience in Milton Court Studio Theatre, May 2018. The piece was a collaboration between Kristina Kapilin and Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones.

Cello: Anthony Madonna, clarinet: Morgan Schoonover, violin: Magdalena Barszcz, guitar and vocal: Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones, performer: Kristina Kapilin

Photos: Tom Medwell


The installation was exhibited at Barbican Openfest, Charter House, London, March 2018. 

Papier-maché heads, headphones, mp3 players. Exploring intimacy and confession, identity, voice and contexts of listening. 

Concept and design by Jillian Hanks Meyer and Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones. Audio by Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones.


An exploration of the greenhouse as an articially controlled enviroment. 

Conditions for Growth was created in collaboration with graphic desingers Moe Elhossieny and Cecilia Bianchini. The piece was part of Make/Shift, a performance installation with works by musicians from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and visual artists from Central Saint Martins, shown at Curious Festival 2017 at the Barbican Exhibition Halls.

Photos: Tom Medwell


Glasgow, UK

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